Just Go For It

Two things have happened since I last posted.  The first is I have been swayed by all the authors who have said that Scrivener is the must-have writing package.  Secondly, I have, at last, taken a deep breath and sent off my first short story to a magazine.

Many author blogs talk about Scrivener and how it takes the stress out of the organisation of your novel.  The package is not cheap so it was a bit of a commitment for me to pay out this money.  I have since found out that you can get a free 30-day trial to test the package before purchase.  At the time I did not know this so went straight into purchasing.  My initial reaction was, what have I wasted my money on?  Three weeks in and I love it and can join the many voices on here that recommend it.  Initially, it takes a lot of work to set it up and learn about the features that are available.  I tried watching the tutorials but to be honest there is nothing better than just playing with it.  I may revisit the tutorials at a later date now I have the confidence with the basic features.  I have to admit I was pleased with this point that I didn’t have the free trial as I believe this would have prompted me to give up far sooner than I did, having paid out.  The application has so many features my advice is to get a free trial if you’re interested.  Through scrivener, you can lay out your novel, detail your characters and scenes and generally keep all your writing and research in one handy place.  I back mine up to my Dropbox account which is seamless and means I always have a safe copy of what I am working on.

Having noticed that I have spent almost two months editing a short story for magazine publication I have decided to take a deep breath and just send it off.  I need to post this one fast so I can’t go back to opening the envelope and editing again.  I think it is the time that I just took a deep breath and dipped my toe, no matter what the outcome.  I wish I had the confidence with my story writing that I do with my blogs.  When I write a blog I write, read through, publish.  This ‘just go for it’ attitude does not transfer to my story writing and I spend months doubting myself and editing before I even think about sending it off.

I am not convinced this story will go anywhere I have decided to give it three tries with different magazines.  This is a long process of waiting for someone to say no before I try the next magazine.  I may revise between these submissions if any editors send feedback.  After three I will allow you all to read it and move on to my next project with the thought that the more I write the better I will become.  Which in the end will be one step closer to being publishing.