Writing Routine

I discovered this year a lovely little social site called Medium. I have been an avid reader of all things on the site especially, the articles on tips to become a writer. There is a common theme throughout all the articles it is ‘just write.’ Several suggest posting a blog a day for a year. Many times I have read this and thought yea right! This article was no different than the rest however, this time it stuck. I think it was the easy idea of starting by committing to a week of publishing and then work from there. Surely even I can commit to a week of posts.

Yesterday I embarked on my journey of a week of publishing. Today is day 2, tomorrow I will almost be half way there. To help with my quest I have decided on two main things. First I have streamlined what I publish and on what. I normally write a post and then publish it everywhere, this is time consuming and to be honest boring. For this reason I have spent the day looking at the sites that yield the biggest readers and deleting the rest. I will post a range of articles to my 3 blogs which I have already established on several subjects.

My second idea, I decided I am not going to be such a perfectionist. I will not edit, edit, edit I will publish and be brave. As time goes on I am sure I will improve my work from everyday practice. So I apologise now for all the grammatical errors that send the English experts spinning.

Day two done.

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