The Celeritas Files – Ishan Majumdar

I was given The Celeritas Files in exchange for an honest review. The Celeritas Files is what I would call a damn good thriller, set in the unfamiliar world of technology and mobile phone markets. The book initially sets the scene of the technology development in India. The environment for the first couple of scenes is described well and you genuinely get a feel for India. I wonder if the use of Indian names will put some people off, but, if this is the case any reader should be ashamed of themselves. Not to mention they will miss out on a brilliant read.

As the novel twists and turns, you get to know the main characters well. The characters are well written and on the majority of the cases likeable. The book is a little slow in the middle section for 100 pages but soon picks up again to the dramatic ending. I have to admit to not seeing the twist at the end, others may disagree. The ending is left slightly open so a sequel maybe possible.

Overall this is a brilliant debut novel from an author I believe has great potential. You will not be disappointed to pick this up. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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