The Car Bomb – T.V. LoCicero

I received The Car Bomb in return for an honest review. This is the first in the trilogy and for that, it sets the scene of things to come well and introduces us to all the main characters. Overall this is a good fast-paced page-turner. Personally, I have to say I was annoyed at the varied length of chapters but that is a personal preference.

No one has ever said you have to write a lead character that everyone likes. However, to write a character as flawed as Frank takes courage which I commend the author for doing. I believe that personally Frank could have been written flawed without the use of so much sexist language, which would have been more appealing to the female reader. I found some of the remarks made to women uncomfortable to read at times.

The story is intriguing and well thought out and moved through quickly which made me finish the book fairly fast. I enjoyed this read although I do not feel I was connected enough to the main characters, Frank, in particular, to read more in this series. I wish the author all the best for future endeavours


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