Three Advantages to a Notebook Compared to Technology

Let me start by saying I love technology. I have had many of the latest gadgets as they are released and always have my iPad in my bag for those few snatched minutes to write. However, that has not changed my opinion on notebooks. As much as I love technology I love stationery. Not just notebooks but, post-it notes, pens and stickers. My family know this love, so every year at Christmas and birthdays I normally receive a beautiful notebook or two.

Although, I do all my typing on laptops and tablets my note taking and ideas are all in paper form. I like the physical feeling of writing ideas down on paper. I have tried Evernote and other packages but I just can’t get on with them compared to an actual notebook. There are just too many positives for me to give them up.

The Look

The physical look and feel of a notebook are important. Whether you prefer lines or plain paper is personal preference. You just can’t beat a nice moleskin notebook. Here is the biggest advantage of any notebook you can set it up as you want. Whether it’s for recording the books you have read, writing shopping lists or journaling you have the complete freedom to set the notebook up in exactly the way you want. Not to mention the smell you get from notebooks that can never be replicated on a computer. If you are a book person you are now nodding your head there is nothing like the smell of a fresh new book or notebook.

The Uses

I have four main notebooks which I use for my writing. The first is a small A5 pink moleskin book which is battered and bumped as it spends most of its time in my bag this is my ideas book. An idea can come from anywhere, places I visit, people I observe or conversations at work. These are all scribbled down for use later. Some as a list, some as mind maps, this is the beauty of notebooks every page can have a different setup and theme. My second notebook is again a moleskin and contains all the current projects I am writing. This is lined and contains more rough drafts of my work. My third is a much bigger book and is where I write hints and tips I have discovered about writing as well as quotes that interest me and ideas that are so vague they need much more exploration later. My last notebook is my journal a leather cover this time with lines. This is my book not for anyone’s eyes it is a conscious stream of my thoughts, fears and ambitions.


Easy and Cheap

There are other everyday practicalities of a notebook. You can take it wherever you want no one looks strangely at you when you produce a notebook from your bag during a meal. It might, however, ruin the romantic moment if you pulled out a laptop and started typing away. Notebooks generally are cheaper and you can find one that fits most budgets. You need very little specialist knowledge to use a notebook, however, using a laptop requires a basic computer knowledge. I also like the fact that my notebooks provide me with a permanent journey of my writing path. They do take up a lot of space but it is worth every shelf. I have notebooks from when I was a teenager showing my progression. It is not so easy to see this on a computer.

Although there are several problems with using a notebook such as if you lose them they are gone forever. The amount of storage space can also be vast especially if your writing career has stretched over several years. I believe that the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

How do you keep your notes? Let me see some of your favourite notebooks.


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