Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever – James J. Caterino

Caitlin Star is a hero of the future a modern day vigilante with a good measure of Lara Croft. I loved the first book in this series and it is always with trepidation you start the second in a series. I was not disappointed in any way. This book is as good as the first if not better. The novel consists of an excellent mix of character development and all-out action.

The action scenes are well written but are not so long that they get boring or tedious. There is a political feel to the book but this does not deter me from reading more. There are some excellent quotes about how corrupt religion can be and always make me think of one of my favourite quotes “Religion is flawed because man practices it”

The action is fast flowing and I read this book in a day. It is enough of a standalone to be read on its own although the first is well worth a read so I urge you to seek the series out. I have to say I get a feeling that this book would also make an excellent graphic novel as well as a novel. If I had to have one negative in the story the constant chanting of the Bull Mongoni matter can get a bit tedious but this is the only negative I can find.

The heartfelt ending and some of the main characters feels round this book perfectly and I can’t wait to read the next book.


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