The B Girl – James J. Caterino

A new novel by a favourite author is always a welcome but apprehensive adventure. It was no different this time for me as I embarked on the new novel The B Girl. I have for several years greatly enjoyed his Caitlin Star novels so was excited to see where this new novel would take me.

The B Girl has many characteristic elements from this author. The first being the strong message which is conveyed through many of his books about the destruction that humans are doing to our planet. This time we visit this strong message through the eyes of many bee hives being destroyed by chemicals and the ongoing effect this has on our ecosystem. The other common element in these books is the excellent character development. This book has several interesting characters. The characteristic good writing helps you engage and emphasis with these characters as you watch them grow and progress throughout the story.

The only criticism I would have is that initially there are many characters in the story and it took me a couple of chapters to remember who they all were and where they fitted in. The story is fast paced like previous novels and highly engaging which keeps you turning the pages rapidly until the end.

This is an excellent novel which keeps you hoping for more at the end. My personal preference is that I enjoy the Caitlin Star books more but I still thoroughly enjoyed this read and will certainly be hoping for more books with these characters in. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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