The Deliverance of Evil – Roberto Costantini

I listened to Deliverance of Evil in audiobook so some of the comments on the book may be related to this. The book is slow, to begin with, and I credited this to the fact that I did not like the lead character. Having read on I realised that this was part of the plot and you are not really supposed to like the lead character at the beginning. In fact, I believe he doesn’t like himself. As the book continues more characters are introduced. In my opinion, there were too many characters introduced and these were hard to keep up with who was who. Again this may have been due to the fact I was listening rather than reading the book.

There are some huge leaps in time but these are kept nicely together by the dates at the beginning of the chapters which I thought was an excellent idea. The tale twists and turns well although there is the typical quiet midsection of the book. The book has an exciting dramatic end although I have to admit I had guessed who the murderer was all through the book. I think this may be my main problem with the book at no time was there a wow really moment. I will definitely try something else from this author but maybe not in audiobook again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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