My journey has started progressing at lightning speed now. So I felt it was time to update you all. So my writing has increased. I have finally found a pattern and schedule I am happy with. Writing has become part of everyday life. I am addicted to it like athletes are to the gym.

I have also discovered a lovely social site called Medium. Medium is a supportive platform for writers and readers. Articles publish and gain claps (similar to likes) and comments. Never have I been trolled or abused on this site. All feedback has been supportive and constructive. With the help of Medium, my writing has increased. I have a modest follower count of 133. I have also been asked to write for 2 publications. Which is an excellent way to increase traffic to your portfolio. The site has helped me develop my writing skills and gain confidence in my ability.

In addition to my increased blog posting my novel is also progressing well. I am in the final editing stage of my 20 000 word children’s novel. I aim to send this to the publisher before the end of April.

To all those reading this post and struggling with their own writing, take heart. Six months ago I was disheartened and progressing nowhere. I stuck my head down and gave writing one final big push. My efforts have been rewarded.

If I can do it, so can you.

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