A Collection of Stories

Microfiction is the method of writing stories in 50 words or less.  I have recently taken on the task of writing microfiction in 280 characters.  For more stories following SamHArnold on twitter.

The Cafe

At cafe sat a timid woman. She kept looking at her watch as if she didn’t quite believe the time. When anyone walked in she looked up. The blow was fleeting on her face. When he came in, she looked up smiled and left. 


The Face

They walked sideways like crabs as they looked into each other’s eyes. As they sat down they kissed, others turned away.  She saw the face at the window and turned pale. With that, she got up and left. He started to cry big silent tears.

The Ticket

Jack looked at the winning lottery ticket in his hand. He thought about what this meant. He thought about his girlfriend. The wind ruffled the ticket. He screwed it up and threw it away. No jackpot was worth that much trouble.  

The Holiday

The holiday went fast with Tom’s new girlfriend. So did the money. After the holiday the million pound inheritance had vanished. So for that matter had Tom’s beautiful new girlfriend and his oldest school friend. 

The Event

As the dust settled Jim looked down at the mess he had made. He stood there staring, thinking through all the options that were now open to him. Dad would make him rich he smiled. He just had to work out where to bury his body. 

The Gamble

The anxiety grew on Sara’s face as she rolled the last dice. This was it everything she had been working towards came down to this one last gamble. Taking a deep breath she let the dice go. Well done Mum Tom said you have won Yahtzee. 


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