How to Generate Book Sales for FREE

Market your new book into a bestseller.


So you have written your novel.

Your cover is finished.

The editing is complete.

Now it is time to sell that book.

Being a good marketer is as essential as being a good writer.

There are five simple platforms you can use to advertise your books for free.

Advertising your books need not cost a fortune.

Use a Facebook Page or Group.

Facebook provides a great marketplace for not only advertising but selling your books. Spend the time to take good quality photos. Write a catchy synopsis and start advertising your book. Join groups for readers and writers that allow you to advertise your new publication. Interact with people. If every person you interact with tells one person you will soon have a bestseller on your hands.

Use Twitter

Comment and follow people who might be interested in your book. Use hashtags, learn to use effective, popular hashtags. I would be careful not to spam people though. Send direct messages to specific people for example book reviewers and bloggers.

Use Instagram

Put your photos on Instagram. Not just those of your final book but promotion shots of you reading your book to others. The first batch of books arriving. Post a shot a day which has something related to your book sales. Put some of your own personality on your Instagram, allow followers to get to know you.


Goodreads can be slower to gain recognition on but with time can prove just as useful as others. Ensure you log your book so others can find it. Ask your beta readers to post reviews for your book. Join groups and offer free books for reviews. Depending on your income give some books away on their giveaway pages. Again set up a presence and interact with your followers.

Email Subscription Lists

This takes some planning. Build an email subscription list within all your writing. Add a link to it on blogs, Twitter and Facebook. When your books are ready, build suspense and anticipation for your book. Encourage your followers to help you advertise your book. Post excepts that make people want to read more.

For all these ensure you include a clear link to where your books can be purchased.


Congratulations you have completed your book. Take time to reward yourself and revel in your achievement.

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