How to Change Your Writing and Gain Genuine Followers

I was a fiction writer who wrote non-fiction.  This is how I changed my writing journey.

If people asked, I always said, I am a fiction writer.

I started on Medium in March 2018. Up until last month, I had only written non-fiction articles.

I have read all the articles on tips and tricks to increase your followers. None of them has worked. I now ignore them completely. I have already broken one of the golden rules ‘don’t write about yourself.’

So how do you improve your writing experience and gain followers?

“Close-up of a fountain pen writing in a notebook” by Aaron Burdenon Unsplash

Change Your Writing Overnight

So how did I gain a jump in followers? Overnight I started writing fiction again.

I found a publication called The Weekly Knob which posts weekly writing prompts. I am three writing prompts in and I love it. People have started responding to my posts. Claps and engagement have gone up.

My readers seem to know that I am enjoying my writing again.

Break the Rules

  1. So I have broken the golden rule and spoken about myself. If you have got this far then it isn’t that much of a golden rule.
  2. Write for yourself and not the audience. — Since writing fiction I have started enjoying my writing again. I write stories that I would enjoy reading. Genre’s I enjoy reading. This article is something I would click on to read.
  3. Don’t comment to gain followers — comment because you genuinely want to reach out to that author.
  4. Don’t follow people to gain followers back — If you follow this approach your timeline will be full of articles that don’t interest you. The reading community on medium will have lost a member. When I only wrote non-fiction a whole section of fiction articles were hidden from me. I now have a nice mix on my timeline.
Photo by rawpixelon Unsplash

Five Factors that Did Help

  1. Have a publication that suits the type of articles you write. It doesn’t have to have the most followers but, has to relate to your work. Once you find this publication become a writer and use it to your full advantage.
  2. Use your stats to work out what works on Medium. What is the ideal length of the post? What types of posts get the most views? Use your stats don’t obsess about them.
  3. Fiction writing has led me to a new freedom when writing my non-fiction articles. Whether this works or not I will let you know when I review this post.
  4. Make time and write all the types of writing that you enjoy. Doesn’t matter whether this is poetry, fiction or non-fiction


  • Since I have changed my mindset I have not stopped writing
  • Whatever you chose, enjoy your writing.
  • Make your writing for you and the followers and success will follow.
  • If you have any tips which have helped your writing please let me know?


Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

2 thoughts on “How to Change Your Writing and Gain Genuine Followers

  1. Great article! It seems our posts today went a bit hand-in-hand. I think it’s easy for writers to get lost and start to lose sight of why they are writing in the first place. Thank you for sharing!

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