The Passage Trilogy – Justin Cronin


The first time I tried to start this trilogy I failed miserably. The reason I didn’t like it was the physical size of the first book.

I couldn’t hold it without my hand aching especially when I tried to read in my favourite place, bed. Not that I am weak and feeble the books are over 1000 pages long and weighs close to 1kg.

Enter into my life my kindle and it was a very different story.

On the second attempt, I was addicted I couldn’t get enough of the group of characters.

I flew through the first book and then had the agonising wait for the author to finish writing the second. The wait for the third was even more agonising.

Having completed this trilogy it became my favourite ever and I am tempted to read it all again right now.

This is, in essence, a vampire story. However, it is so much more. The characters are complex and so well written you feel you have known them all your life.

I also love the fact the author writes trailers for the books as if they were movies. Watching them have given me goosebumps.

The Passage

The first book is a wonderful story that winds its way through past and future worlds. The joy of the future travellers finding things they couldn’t explain keeps you enthralled. Even something simple like deodorant is a thrill. The characters track across the USA and the writing is so good that even if you haven’t heard of America it wouldn’t stop you loving the scenery.

The Twelve

This book took longer to engage with. This was not helped by the length of time between the first and second book. I had forgotten some of the characters. However, once it started moving the plot and excitement was no different than the first.

City of Mirrors

It is always with trepidation you start the final part of one of your favourite trilogies. The book is beautifully written, the recap moments are enough to move the story along but not so detailed you become bored.

The end is everything you could have hoped for. The story for all the characters is brought to an amazing conclusion.

This is an amazing ending to an enthralling story. I am sad to see my friends go but relieved that I can start the journey again whenever I wish.


As you are reading this review now, you are in luck all three books have been published. You can enjoy the books as a complete journey.

The author has been criticised by the length of time between books but I believe this has made the journey so much sweeter

This is a simply amazing trilogy which I can not recommend highly enough. Think Twilight on steroids.

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