The Mission – Flash Fiction

I remember the day I was taken away from my parents, I was ten years old. I spent five years away from them. Although I can’t remember where I was or who had me.

We moved about a lot, the faces constantly changing. I was not alone. All children in our society are removed at the same age. The Mission arrive on your tenth birthday and take you away. No one can remember anything that happens in those 5 years.

Kids are returned to their parents at fifteen. The same kids reprogrammed for the year’s of adulthood ahead of them.

As I stood on the doorstep waiting for my parents to open the door to me. I started remembering the life I had before. The trips to the beach. Walking the family dog. I couldn’t wait to go back to this happy life, filled with love.

The door opened and I took a deep breath, at last here were my beloved parents. The first thing I realised was that these were not the parents I had left. I had never seen these people in my life. Didn’t stop the strangers on the doorstep welcoming their long-lost son home though.

They must have seen it on my face or it was the fact I flinched as they touched me. The next thing I know fake dad has my arm up my back and fake mum is calling The Mission. That was when I realise The Mission has a procedure for this sort of thing. I am not alone. This has happened to other teenagers before.


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