The Love Crabs – Flash Fiction

They walked in hand in hand almost sideways like crabs so that they could look into each other’s eyes.

She was blond with jeans and a bright pink jumper and he had wavy blond hair, jeans and a blue jumper. They looked like a complete mirror image of each other.

As they sat down he pulled the chair out for her and she slides in. She gave him a kiss, that lasted a little too long for polite company. She giggled as he broke her embrace and then he walked round to the other side. Clearing the table of glasses so as not to break the hold of her hand.

When the waitress came over and brought their menu’s she placed hers on the table. Instead, they chose to share one menu, all the time looking into each other’s eyes and holding hands. Then there was a giggle and a movement under the table. The more observant diner could observe that one of her shoes had come off her foot.

When the waitress came back he ordered for both of them exactly the same dishes and drinks. She smiled at him. If you look at her eyes you could briefly see the fear.

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