How to Increase Your Twitter Following

10 Methods That Added Genuine Followers to my Twitter.

Recently I decided that to increase my reader count, I needed to reach more people. My method of doing this was to increase my twitter followers.

I started searching for tried methods to increase twitter followers.

Not For Me

  • One of the common ways to increase followers is to buy them. You read that correctly, run a search on google and be amazed at how many companies offer to sell you, followers. The going rate seems to be approximately £10 for 500 followers.
  • Smaller companies will charge you as little as £1 to promote your profile for 12 hours. These are normally on a follow back basis. I will talk about the follow back system later.

Buying followers may be for you. It was not something I was prepared to do.

10 Methods That Worked

  1. Build an interactive profile that tells followers who you are. Use hashtags for relevant topics you tweet on.
  2. Use a profile picture, preferably a headshot. Do not use GIF’s and logo’s if you can help it.
  3. Search for hashtags on topic’s you write about. Comment, interact and follow through these hashtags. Much like other social media, you need to interact, to build a following.
  4. Tweet regularly on a range of subjects. I know its amazing, fancy saying you have to produce content for people to follow you. For times that you can’t tweet using a scheduling app.
  5. Always use hashtags in your tweets. Not too many I work on a system of two hashtags per tweet.
  6. Use images with your tweets. Tweets with pictures get more interaction and retweets than those without.
  7. Search popular hashtags and then write a post on them. At the time of writing this, it is World Refugee Day. This hashtag is trending very high so I wrote a couple of tweets on the subject.
  8. Comment on famous peoples posts, make your replies witty and entertaining.
  9. On articles and other social media include a link to your Twitter profile. This one is a bit cheeky because here I have included a link to my Twitter page.
  10. The last method is controversial and up to the individual. Operate a follow back system. If you do this you have to use the relevant tags and make public that you follow back. The disadvantage of this is you do not receive genuine followers. Your timeline can be filled up with content you are not interested in. With the new mute function on Twitter, you can mute their feeds from your timelines, but its time consuming.


The results have not been instant and nowhere near as quick as buying followers. Over the last week, I have been following these methods and have seen an increase in my follower account of 100. It is also still rising every day.

Are there other methods that you have tried that worked? 

What would you recommend?

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

2 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Twitter Following

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