A Tribute to Working Mums

This is a tribute to all the working mothers out there. A group of amazing women I am now part of. Little did I know how difficult this was until I joined you. Leaving on a morning at 7am I looked into my little girl’s eyes as she followed me around the room and my heart breaks. Having reached the grand old age of 7 months she now knows the signs that mum is leaving for work.  I am sure the effect on me is far worse than the effect on little one. I miss her every minute of the day. I wonder what she is doing and wish I could see her smile. My mind is forever occupied with her face.

I remember the dreaded ordeal of returning to work after the Christmas break. In many aspects as a teacher, I am extremely lucky with the breaks I get. However, just like all the other working mums out there, I have to go through the heartache of leaving my little bundle at home having spent every day with her over the last couple of weeks.

The figure for working mothers has increased to 1.2 million in 2017 so I know I am not alone in this dilemma. How do you ensure you work hard enough to bring home a decent wage whilst constantly juggling the work, home ratio.  I constantly throughout my day thinking about what my bundle is up to. I believe I might have bored several members of staff with my Christmas pictures. I don’t think 120 photos is excessive.

All this anguish is made bearable though with the beautiful smile I receive when I returned home. I get a strange type of pride when my better half tells me that I often get the first laugh out of the baby all day.  I often pay in strange ways for my absence from the house with refusals to go to bed and the heartbreak when she cries and prefers her other parent.

To all the working mum’s out there I applaud you.


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