Don’t Ignore The Pain

When offered a cup of tea by my friend I agreed and thought I would pop to the loo. When in the toilet that was when the pain hit me.  The most excruciating pain I had ever felt gripped the side of my body.  I could describe it as a period pain but much worse just below my waistline on the left side.  Having taken some painkillers the pain appeared to relent a little and I thought nothing of it.  However, this continued every time I went to the loo and it was becoming increasingly difficult to pass water.

This was the time I thought maybe a doctor’s visit was in order.  When I went to the doctor he felt my stomach, asked a few questions and for a urine sample, which I couldn’t give.  The doctor informed me that he was sure it was a urine infection and that antibiotics would clear it up.  To be honest the pain did recede for a couple of weeks and I felt better.

Then during my monthly cycle, the pain returned, just as it had been before but stronger.  I would be walking to the kitchen or talking to my friends and the pain would grip me, turn me over and be so severe I would perspire uncontrollably.  The pain continued not just during my cycle but most of the month. I just couldn’t go on. There was something seriously wrong with me. The doctor sent me for some tests.

During a scan, doctors discovered a 6cm cyst attached to my left ovary.  They said that the cyst was filled with blood and had completely taken over my left ovary.  Had the pain been investigated when I originally went to the doctor, keyhole surgery may have been able to remove the cyst.  Due to the size, I would have to undergo full open surgery, resulting in a scar similar to that when you have a C section.

By the time that the operation was carried out the cyst had grown to 10cm in diameter and had completed destroyed my left ovary, resulting in that having to be removed along with the cyst.  My lasting memory of waking up after the operation is how well I immediately felt.  I never realised how physically ill the cyst had made me until it had been removed.  Then I clearly felt better even though I was now sporting twenty staples along my abdomen.

My advice to all women who have similar pain is to get it investigated and keep pursuing the point with your doctor.  I sat back thinking it would get better and go away on its own and now I have potentially halved my chance of conceiving with only one ovary.  Make as big a pain of yourself as you have in your side.

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