Heated Success – Flash Fiction

Robert monitored the thermometer. This time he was determined to take the mixture off at the right temperature. Dan, his laboratory partner and twin, stood beside him measuring out the next part of the substance.

Six months ago the pair had hit upon a revolutionary mixture. This formula was going to change their industry completely. The new formula had effects on its users that had only been dreamed of. Their discovery soon became common knowledge. All the big money men from the industry had flocked to secure these two young wizards.

Dan and Robert had a choice of who to work for and could demand whatever salary they wanted. They signed on to a company that offered them three times as much as most of their competitors. As a reward for signing they received a state of the art laboratory in any area they wanted. The twins chose a seaside town where they used to go as kids. Dymchurch was an idyllic seaside village where everyone knew each other’s names. Dymchurch provided them with two advantages. The twins felt at home there and the lack of nightlife minimised the distractions. The two fitted in immediately and started making some friends.

Everything was amazing for a couple of months and both young men felt on top of the world. Six months into their work and things had started to go wrong. The problem was no matter how hard the pair tried they could not completely repeat the mixture. Both had been so excited to perfect the mixture their record keeping had not been that thorough.

The businessmen ploughing money into the laboratory were starting to lose patience. If the twins didn’t have another breakthrough soon their adventure would be coming to an end.

“I have got it this time, Dan, I know I have,” Robert said. “This is it, here comes the money.”

“I bloody hope so bro,” Dan replied. “I don’t fancy having to pay back all the money for this laboratory.”

“No wait,” Robert replied. “We are nearly there.”

He carried on staring at the thermometer watching the mixture increase in temperature. Robert started to shake, one more degree and they were there. Robert was staring so hard at the thermometer his eyes started to water. The tears in his eyes were so bad that he didn’t notice the temperature shoot up until it exploded.

The local paper that week ran a tiny article about the brothers. On page two right at the bottom, was a tiny paragraph that stated. Gas leak in quiet seaside town found to be Meth lab.

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