Redeploying – Flash Bizarro Fiction

Holding on tight to my twin I went through the door into the redeployment machine.

Once we were all in and settled, the door shut with a click and the whooshing started. The vessel then started to spin. Slowly at first, then getting faster and faster.

As the vessel spun faster my twin fell away from me. I couldn’t hold on. I tried to find her as we started to spin, catching glimpses of her and then losing sight of her again. My only hope was she would be one of the chosen ones along with me.

We had been told in the holding bin that not all would make the promised land. Only a few of us each journey went to the higher place. The rest of us would have to carry on our daily jobs, ready for another attempt, later on.

The whooshing grew louder and then a bright flash of light and I was airborne.

Five minutes later I was laying looking up at the higher place. I had made it. Looking around I looked for my twin, she was nowhere to be seen. She hadn’t been selected. I could only hope she would get another opportunity later on.

I was free, to live in the higher place. I heard humans talking about what happened to the missing socks in washing machines. If only they knew.

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