Why We Always End Up With Gilmore Girls.

In our house, like so many, we spend an excessive amount on TV packages. We have Sky, Netflix and even Amazon Prime.

With this wealth of choice, you would think we would be stuck for choice. With all those movies and TV series how can we fit all our viewing in?

Not true. Most evenings start with multiple clicking through all our choices. Sometimes we are lucky stubble upon a rare movie to watch.

The majority of the time we flick through for ten minutes and then end back up watching Gilmore Girls. A series we have watched completely, in excess of five times. Why go back to an old favourite?

Well first the series is amazing, funny, entertaining and there is Melissa McCarthy. Mainly though I think it’s because we don’t have to concentrate. If you watch TV like we do whilst, surfing the net and reading a book you need something that doesn’t take much brain power. The other factor of course is we know we are going to enjoy it.

Is this the reason we land at Gilmore Girls or is it a safe option because we have too much choice.

Is too much choice a bad thing?

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