Amazon – Has it had its day?

Remember when Amazon Prime meant you got your order the next day. I ordered two things on Amazon Prime this week and neither of them has arrived. Nothing too exotic, like a walking harness for a lion. Pretty much everyday things a jar of Maple Syrup and some Cayenne Pepper.

I was reading a brilliant book, The Healing Point by James Lilley it suggested a fasting drink. So all eager to try to be healthy I ordered them for next day delivery. The good intention may have disappeared by the time they actually arrive.

Not that this is the first time I have noticed a lack of next day delivery, from the next day service. This has been a common practice for the last year. Ever since the delivery service went from DHL to Amazon Logistics.

Amazon’s Failings

The new delivery service is appalling. Parcels are not delivered on time. Parcels go missing. Sometimes I hear the door knock and open the door to nothing, but a parcel as the delivery driver has walked off.

Not that you can blame the delivery drivers the conditions they work under are awful. Horror stories of drivers needing to pee into bottles because they didn’t have time to find a toilet. Like many delivery companies Amazon give the drivers a set delivery route every day. Sometimes they can expect the drivers to deliver more than 200 parcels a day.

Amazon needs to stand up and take responsibility for their poor delivery service. If you signed up for Amazon Prime for next day delivery then the service does not match up to the promises made.

It is also worth saying that many Amazon Prime products are more expensive than others. If you can wait for delivery it is sometimes financially sensible to wait.

My three favourite disasters this year have been:

  • Your parcel has been left by your front door. We live on the main road I can only hope the hair removal cream was of use to whoever took it.
  • The Amazon delivery man who put his arm over the fence to deliver our parcel round the back. Now I’m not suggesting anything here. But, we were in the house, he never knocked on the front door. Our neighbours were also broken into the afternoon precious. This delivery driver was not so lucky. Our dog caught the sleeve of his dangling arm and persuaded him it wasn’t such a good idea to climb the gate.
  • My personal favourite is when I got home to find a card to say not to panic my parcel had been left safely in my wheelie bin. The wheelie bin was out because it was dustbin day. That time landfill got my parcel.

Why Stay With Amazon

This is where Amazon has me. The range of products are amazing there is nowhere that compares to them.

The prices on many occasions are very reasonable. I have found products cheaper on Amazon than I have on eBay. Amazon has fast become my go-to store for almost everything.

For a start even if the delivery is not next day the delivery is still free with Amazon Prime. On average, delivery is £3 so you can make your Prime fee back on delivery alone.

The factors that keep me paying for Prime, is the extra services that one fee gives you.

Amazon Music

I was very slow to the party with Amazon music. I knew it came as part of the package but had never looked into it. Bigger fool me because I have now saved £14.99 a month not having to subscribe to Apple Music. Ok, you don’t get all the new music but if you are a fan, of music long past its sell-by date, you will love this service. The one or two new albums I want to own I use my spare £14.99 to purchase.

Amazon Films

Often considered the poor relation to Netflix. There are many recent releases on there and the films are updated regularly. The service is easy to watch especially now the app for Apple TV has been released. Amazon Prime Video has even started creating their own series to watch. Until Orange is the New Black is released straight to Amazon I wouldn’t be cancelling Netflix. It does, however, make a good second service.

Amazon Books

Only today I got sent an email asking me to pick my free book for this month. As a bookworm, anyone providing me with a free book is a welcome edition. Amazon also provides an unlimited reading club so bookworms are well catered for.


Amazon has many products and services that dazzle. The reason I come back is the product selection. There is not one website that offers the selection and services that Amazon does.

This is because Amazon has such a large monopoly. In the case of Amazon is a monopoly such a bad thing?

What are your funny delivery stories?


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