Orchestrating Murder – Heather Osborne

In Orchestrating Murder, bodies belonging to convicted felons keep turning up. Detective Gregory Shaw is called upon to investigate. His suspicions fall on a well-known legal firm. Can he prove his hunch though? The story centres around, Detective Shaw, Dr Young and members of the legal firm. As the story continues these characters intertwine in a real page-turner of a novel.

The characters are all well written, you get to know them well. All characters come with a good amount of back story so you feel like you can relate to them. The lead characters are especially relatable. I found myself considering them friends by the end of the book. I would have liked to get to know the supporting characters more. However, there is room for a sequel to do this in.

The book is an easy read, that keeps you guessing. The story flows so well you find yourself turning page after page. After the perpetrator is revealed you turn the pages waiting for him to be caught.

I have to say I enjoyed this book until the last 10%. I simply did not like the end hence, I had to score it 4 stars rather than 5. The fact I didn’t like the end may say more about me as a reader than the author. Many others may disagree with me and like the ending. Personally, the ending spoilt the book for me. Having said that I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I finished. It has definitely served the purpose of keeping the book in my mind.

I urge you to give this book a read and would be interested in your opinion of the end. I look forward to reading more from this author especially if a sequel is imminent.


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