How to Take Part in a Virtual Book Tour Increasing Your Book Sales

Whether you’re a writer looking for the exposure or a blogger looking for FREE books. Virtual book tours can help you

Have a glass of wine, or beer if you prefer, you have finished writing your novel. You now need to raise awareness and create hype to sell it.  A Virtual Book Tour can do this for you.

In one of my previous posts, I talked about Five Tips to Advertise Your Book For Free

To sell the book, however, you need to let everyone know that it is available and raise some hype and want for it.

One of the most popular ways to do this is to take part in a Virtual Book Blog Tour.

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The Virtual Book Tour

A book blog tour is like a traditional book tour but, this is carried out on a number of blogs. A tour can consist of reviews, author interviews, cover reveals and exerts. Each day your book is reviewed by a different book blogger. Their reviews will go live on certain days. The other content is also scheduled throughout the week’s tour.

This creates a constant internet presence of people talking about your book. When running a search, it will push your book to the top, due to the posts on it.

Normally a blog tour is carried out the week of publication or the week before. This depends on your publisher and when the book is available to reviewers. Some authors may even choose a blog tour if the sales of the book have not been as good as expected. Not only will it build hype for your book but it will start your publishing week off with 4-5 reviews. This will be available on the day the book is published. You can request which sites you would like these reviews posted to.

The Advantage to Book Bloggers

As a blogger, I have participated in many tours. The expectation you as a blogger is that you read the book and provide a review for free, published on a set day. As a blogger, it is an excellent way of reading books before release, for nothing. This is also a good way of generating views to your website. The literature produced prior to the book tour will include your blog on advertising. If you would like to sign up as a book reviewer use the contact forms and I will add you to my database.

The Cost to the Author

The basic cost to the author is time and free copies of the book. A blog tour can take several days to set up. Especially if you do not have an existing database of book bloggers you can approach. You will also need to provide free books, exerts and answer interview questions.

There are many services who offer the option to arrange a book tour for an author. These can be cheap or expensive depending on the package you select. As part of my reviewing website, I have a Virtual Blog Tour package for authors. For the author, I set up the book tour and then spend time promoting the book on social media for the week selected. As part of my reviewing site this way easy for me to do as I have many friends who are also book bloggers.


With enough time a book blog tour can guarantee a large exposure to new followers and fans. Not only does it publicise your book over many platforms. It guarantees some reviews on release.

Congratulations you have produced a masterpiece now you need to sell it.

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