Who Inspires the Writer in Me

The inspiration that keeps me sitting writing every day.

What is your inspiration to write? When I saw this question, the person that came straight to mind was my daughter. She can often be found trying to help Mum write. At 1 year old she is very helpful as you can imagine.

Inspiration to Write by SamHArnold

I named her Harper after my favourite author. Even when naming her my bookworm came out. This photo is on my writing desk. If struggling with an article this is the photo I look at. My little girl is used to seeing me with the computer in hand, she knows nothing more, than me as a writer.


She drives my ambition to write every day. I have the perfect cure for writer’s block. A trip up the park with her.

When days are tough, it is her face that keeps me ploughing on writing, thinking this is rubbish. She is the reason I get up on cold mornings. She is the reason I have excepted less than ideal jobs, to ensure our happiness.

My long-term aim is to write professionally and give up working full time. She is the reason behind this. I want to work at home so I can see her face every minute. I know freelancing takes dedication and time. It would, however, allow me to at least be home with her, even if I did have to shut myself away. I’m not planning on leaving her home alone, in case you were wondering whilst I am locked away.

Until I thought about this post, I never realised how much she has inspired the posts I have written. Not just the process of writing but, the posts I write.

There have been three posts which have come from her presence.

A Tribute To Working Mums

This was one of the first original posts I wrote on Medium. My posts up until this point had been recycled articles from other blogs. This post documents how hard it is for working mums to juggle work and being a Mum. It tells the story of the horrendous first day that my little one realised I was leaving the house. Over the months the guilt has increased, as it’s clear, she realises more and more I am leaving.

The World I Want for my Daughter

This was my first successful post with over 50 views, which, then was huge. This is a factual piece looking at the expectations the media puts on our youngsters today. I want young people measured their success in academia, not social media followers. It is a piece I hope my daughter can read when she gets older.

Disabled and Travelling in London

Even though not directly connected to her this post is inspired by a day with my daughter round London. After carrying her pushchair up the tenth flight of steps, it occurred to us that disabled people would not have this option. On the way home, we were lucky enough to chat with a wheelchair user who gave me more information for the post. How as a nation we are still disabling wheelchair users with our lack of accessibility.

My daughter inspires me every day to write and to be a better person. She is my inspiration and my muse.

What is your inspiration?

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