Post Every Day For 30 Days

My first 10 days of the Post Every Day for 30 Days Writing Challenge

I have found myself in the middle of a ‘Post Every day For 30 Days Challenge.’ Until this point, I have resisted. The main reason being time, being made redundant solves this problem. The other reason I have never committed to the 30 days challenge is fear of failure. That fear of failure is why I have only publicly committed to the 30-day challenge, ten days in.

So ten days into the challenge here is what have I discovered:

  1. My claps have gone down but, my followers have increased.
  2. Coming up with daily ideas hasn’t been as hard as I thought but, still hard.
  3. A routine has helped — I use the same routine every day. Edit and publish the post I wrote yesterday, write a new post.
  4. Doing the 30-day challenge using publications is almost impossible.
  5. The more I write, the less I edit.
  6. Any attempt to republish older work is pointless. — My writing was so terrible back then it is more rewriting the posts, than editing.
  7. I couldn’t find any publications dedicated to reviews and books. To fill that void I started a publication. Bookworm Sanctuary.
  8. This is the 10th post, I’m shocked. I’m a third of the way through. How did that happen?
Post Everyday for 30 Days Challenge
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Day 1

Having participated in a virtual blog tour for Heather Osborn a review of her book. This was a good read, until the last 20 pages. It was also my first post to Bookworm Sanctuary.

Day 2

This post was written for two reasons. It was my first post to The Ascent and was also a submission to a literary magazine. It was fun to document my start in writing.

Day 3

I met James Lilley through Medium and was asked to review his book The Healing Point. The book is brilliant and I am so pleased I was given the opportunity to read it.

Day 4

My fourth post was published between Medium and my company website, AB Solutions. This was one of those that needed rewriting rather than editing. I was appalled at the first try but, pleased with how this turned out.

Day 5

The idea for this post came from a content post I wrote. It is part of a series that I have written called Five Tips. The series keeps adding to itself although I never set out to write for it.

Day 6

For several months now I have written for The Weekly Knob. Their weekly writing prompts have helped me build a love for short story writing. Over the weeks I have also built myself quite a portfolio. This post incorporated the writing prompt of ‘Fountain.’

Day 7

This is a personal post for me which I loved writing. For years I have saved my favourite book quotes. This was my opportunity to share them with my followers.

Day 8

I added an extra service to my website, organising Virtual Book Tours. This was the post documenting the advantages of having a Virtual Book Tour. This was also my first submissions to Writing Warriors

Day 9

Another personal post documented my six-week journey from redundancy to freelancing.

Day 10

Day 10 is this post. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading. If you liked some of the other articles I shared with you. Please show them some love.

Have you ever participated in the ‘Post for 30 days challenge?’ How did you get on?

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