My Hidden Talent

‘Tell Us Ten Things About Yourself.’

I was recently asked by a friend on Medium to take part in the posts ‘Tell Us Ten Things About Yourself.’ For all my followers I thought it would be something nice to share with you all.  Thank you to both Elle Fredine and Terrye Turpin for tagging me in this.

1) My Main Profession

My full-time job is as a Deputy Head of an Independent school. We specialise in students who have behaviour problems. Most have been excluded from mainstream school. The students are a lively bunch and it can be tough at times. In my mind, though it is the best job in the world. Young people have a unique outlook on life and it is something I use in my writing often.

2) Family

I have a beautiful 18-month daughter named Harper, after my favourite author. She is the inspiration for all I do in life, especially my writing.

My Girl by SamHArnold

3) Obsessions

I am obsessed with Native American history. I have consumed a vast number of books on the struggles of the Wild West. Once I was even asked to leave Buffalo Bill’s in Disney for cheering for the wrong side. As of yet, this knowledge has never made its way into my writing but, there is still time.

4) Bookworm

Some may know that I am an avid bookworm. I have bookcases in every room of the house. My Dad once joked if I sold the house I could sell it as a library. When I was younger I collected all Dean Koontz books in hardcover. I explore my passion for books through both my reviewing blog and my Medium publication.

Bookcases by SamHArnold

5) Sports

My other obsession is football or soccer for my American readers. Watching, of course, not playing. I am a massive Manchester United fan and have seen them play live several times. My love of football is something I use to engage with my students. They are quite shocked that a female teacher can argue with them about teams.

Manchester United in the Dugout by SamHArnold

6) Panda’s

I collect Panda’s, ornaments not real ones before the Chinese officials come after me. They have taken over the house. A couple of years ago I went to Edinburgh so I could see one in the flesh, so to speak. The obsession started when I was 13. My first wage packet from my Sunday job paid for a collection of six. I still have them on a shelf today. Dusting them all drives my partner mad.

Edinburgh Panda by SamHArnold

7) Authors

My favourite authors are Elly Griffiths, Chris Carter and Karin Slaughter. All three write crime novels I cannot put down.

8) The Marshian

I grew up in the Romney Marsh, which makes me a born Marshian. This is a beautiful area of flat marshy land in the South East of England. The village I grew up in Dymchurch, is the centre of a famous series of books by Russell Thorndyke. The main character is a smuggling, vicar called Dr Syn. Here is an article I wrote a explaining all about the legend.

9) Famous Connections

My mum grew up with Noel Redding who was the bass guitarist with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It was my favourite thing to boast about when I was a child.

Noel Redding with Jimi Hendrix

10) Hidden Talent

I can complete a Rubix cube. Not behind my back or anything flash like that but, I have taught myself to complete it. It was something I always wanted to do when I was younger in my 20’s I finally managed it. As with riding a bike once you learn it, you will always be able to do it.


If you have completed your own ten things then drop a link in the comments so I can read your posts.  If not tell me something about yourself that we may not know through your writing.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

2 thoughts on “My Hidden Talent

  1. Hey there, I’m glad I found your blog! And thanks for the mention 🙂 Your bookcases remind me of mine, but my house is not as neat. I’ve bookmarked your favorite authors on my library app, I love a good crime novel and I’m excited to find an author I haven’t read yet. The Dr. Ruth Galloway series reminds me of Kathy Reichs, an author I like who writes a series featuring the character Temperance Brennan.
    I enjoyed reading your “ten things” it’s always interesting to find out about the person behind the stories! Here is a list of mine, posted on Medium:


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