Post Every Day For 30 Days

Part Two — Days 11–20

For those, that read my first Post Everyday for 30 Days post here is my next update. I have now started working full time so things have become a little more difficult over the last ten days. Despite this, I am still progressing well and haven’t missed one day.

So twenty days into the challenge here are my thoughts:

  • In my opinion, the quality of my posts has gone down.
  • Sometimes posts have surprised me, those I took less time over seem to do better than others. Is there a lesson to be learned here.
  • Coming up with ideas has become easier. I now have an app on my phone dedicated to ideas. Ideas seem to pop up anywhere since starting this process. For example, I thought of a brilliant post whilst washing up.
  • The routine I spoke about in the first post is not so important. Sometimes I write and publish a post in a couple of hours. This has been liberating in a way and petrifying in another.
  • Publications have made the posting difficult. Most do not publish on the same day as submission, so posting every day needs to be managed carefully. For this reason, as long as I hit the publish/submit button every day I have included this as fulfilling my goal.

Day 11

This was an experimental post for me. It is a guide to long multiplication. I have written similar posts for my training website but never for Medium. I was right with my first assumption, it didn’t get many views. In the future, I will keep these type of posts for my teaching website only.

Day 12

This post was a competition entry for Writing Cooperative. This is the post I enjoyed writing most over the last ten days. It is a very personal piece for me and a contrast to others I have written. It has been well received and has encouraged me to write more posts in this genre.

Day 13

Marked for Life is a short story written for The Weekly Knob. I contribute to them once a week and love the challenge the writing prompt offers. The writing prompt this week was a tattoo.

Day 14

Seasonal depression syndrome is something I have suffered from, in the past. I have been researching this post for a while. This challenge gave me an opportunity to write about it. Due to the nature of this post, I applied to several new publications to add this to. None got back to me. This is a problem I have found with Medium recently. Too many publications are not managed anymore and do not respond.

Day 15

I had been neglecting my publication, Bookworm Sanctuary. This piece I wrote for that. It came about after an interesting discussion on my Facebook group. Whether you should give one-star ratings to books you have read.

Day 16

During this time I was tagged in a post to tell us 10 things readers would not know. This was another personal and fun piece to write. I enjoyed finding the picture for this one as much as writing it. As an amateur photographer, I am determined to use my own photography more in posts.

Day 17

Again after a discussion on Facebook, about whether social media is essential to writers, I wrote this post. This documents how I am cutting my input down on some social media to concentrate on others.

Day 18

Having written a piece on how I got into writing novels I decided to do a follow up with this one of how I got into blogging.

Day 19

This post was posted on an educational blog. This blog was the first I was a guest writer for. There is definitely a lack of publications on Medium for teaching. For this reason, I started my second publication Teaching Solutions.

Day 20

Is this post. Here is to the next 10 days when this challenge will finally be over. The one thing that has suffered considerably since starting this is my reading. I am longing to curl up with a good book for a couple of days.

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