Always Late – Flash Fiction

Susan tapped her foot at the family of six in front of her booked in. Please hurry up she thought to herself I can’t miss this flight Luke will never forgive me.

Susan was always late wherever she went and it drove Luke mental. Smart and exact Luke, suffered from anxiety every time Susan made him late. It was part of the reason they were separated. Still, this week away would help heal the wounds. It was make or break for them.

If she missed this flight they would be broken for good. Luke has told her to leave an hour early, he had made her promise to be there on time.

Hurry up, hurry up, will you, she thought to herself.

Everything always conspired to make her late. She always had good intentions to be on time but, it never worked. Like today, as she was leaving, the next door neighbour turned up. By the time she had excused herself, she had got caught in rush hour traffic. Now she had one hour to book in, clear customers and make the plane.

At last the family of six cleared tickets. Susan almost threw her documents at the flight assistant. The kindly woman must have seen the panic on Susan’s face.

“Don’t worry dear, you have enough time.”

Handing her back her ticket she smiled.

“Go straight for security now. You only have hand luggage so it shouldn’t take long to get through.”

Susan ran to security praying her guardian angel would get her to the plane on time. Her marriage depended on her making her flight. Luke would not accept the fact she had missed the flight. He had told her several times if she didn’t join him away he would have his answer, to giving the marriage one last try. Her lateness would confirm everything he said was wrong in the relationship.

As she stepped to security a large woman stepped in front of her.

“Any sharp objects or liquids to declare.”

“No nothing,” Susan said. “My husband has taken it all with him.”

The woman moved aside and allowed her to go through the scanner. Placing her bag on the conveyor belt Susan noticed the gate for her flight was open.

Looking at her watch Susan breathed a sigh of relief. She was going to make her flight. Her guardian angel had come through for her once again.

That was when the woman was back blocking her way. She put her hand on Susan’s shoulder and steered her away from the others.

“Is this your bag Madam?” She said with a snarl.

“Yes,” Susan replied hating herself for the quiver in her voice.

“You claim there is nothing in there, that shouldn’t be.”

“Yes that’s right I packed it myself. Please, I have to make my flight.” Susan pleaded.

“Our scanners have picked up a weapon in your bag.” The woman said, holding her arm a little too tight.

Susan stood there for what seemed like an hour whilst her bag was ripped apart. Finally, the deadly weapon was revealed. In one of the corner pockets, a small set of nail clippers. The clippers were surrendered and Susan was free to go. She threw her clothes back in her bag and ran for the gate. Susan rounded the corner as the air hostess closed the gate and walked away.

Defeated, knowing her marriage was over Susan sat down with her head in her hands and wept. The end of calling gorgeous Luke her husband, all because of a set of nail clippers. Luke would never forgive her. Another example of her lateness and disorganisation ruining their relationship. Why now had her guardian angel deserted her?

She was still sitting there crying when the explosion on the tarmac rattled the windows. The bright flash from her plane lit up every window and brought her head out of her hands.

Six months later Susan walked down the aisle to renew her wedding vows. She was only five minutes late, to keep in with tradition.

At the time, the investigation continued into the plane explosion. No conclusion would be reached on why Susan’s plane had crashed on take off.

2 thoughts on “Always Late – Flash Fiction

  1. Are the windows in airports bulletproof? I wondered whether the shock waves from the explosion could have meant that the glass windows were blown in.


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