Publishing Schedules

The importance of a publishing schedule cannot be overlooked when growing a community of followers.  Following my challenge of Posting for 30 days, I have worked a publishing schedule out, that I am happy with.

It is important that this publishing schedule is not too demanding.  This will allow me to keep up with it, without adding unnecessary pressure to myself.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to share with you all what you can expect from this website in the next couple of months.

Publishing Schedule

Fiction Monday – Every Monday I will post a short story of flash fiction piece of writing.  These may also include a bonus microfiction piece.

Non-Fiction Saturday and Wednesday – On these days I will share with you my non-fiction pieces.  Writing tips and views on the world.

Other Platforms


In addition to this website, I also have an Instagram account dedicated to microfiction.  Microfiction for me is fiction in 280 characters or less.  If you are interested then please follow Microfiction280.


I am prolific on Twitter and share all my article links on there as well as general quick observations of the world and snippets of my life.  If you are interested then please follow SamHArnold


I have an author page on Facebook where I again share links to post and quick writing tips.  If you are interested then please follow SamHArnold

Book Reviews

In addition to this, I have a successful book reviewing and book tour service which I have a dedicated website for.  If you are interested then please follow Bookwork Sanctuary.

These reviews I will post on an ad-hoc basis.

Thank you once again to all my followers both old and new for your continued support.

If there is a topic you are struggling with then please get in contact and I will try to write a post to help.



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