The Gnomes of Nome – R.K. Wheeler

World Building Like Lord of the Rings

Review of The Gnomes of Nome — R.K. Wheeler

The Gnomes of Nome is in origins a young adult novel. However, saying the Gnomes of Nome is a YA novel is like calling Lord of the Rings a YA novel. The Gnomes of Nome can be consumed by both adults and young adults. It is equally as enjoyable to both.

This is not where the similarities with Lord of the Rings ended. The book is written in a similar vein as Lord of the Rings. Gnomes of Nome has great world building and encompasses not just gnomes but other mythical characters such as angels, fairies and mythological characters such as Thor.

The author uses Alaskan village folklore to weave the start of a brilliant story of adventure. The book is well written and keeps the reader engaged until the end. The world setting is amazing and you really feel you get to learn more about characters that are familiar to you.

My first impressions of the book were the intriguing cover and oh yes a map. I love books that include a map. The book then introduces settings such as Asgard and Camelot all familiar to the reader. Although these worlds have never been connected before the author manages to weave a story that is.

I only have two criticisms of the book. The first is some of the tribal words used are very hard to pronounce and may put younger readers off. My second is a personal preference, I found the chapters too long. This, however, should not put anyone off.

This is an amazing adventure/fantasy novel that will keep you engaged to the end. The artwork is simply stunning. I will be reading more from this author.


I was given this book in return for an honest review.

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