First Earth Settlers – Flash Fiction

The first settlers on earth were attracted by the clear air. The second thing they noticed was the lush green landscape. Animals were thriving on the planet.

History books had spoken of a grey land full of buildings, the air so polluted you couldn’t breathe.

Without man, the buildings had started to crumble and the wildlife had excelled. One hundred years later, a small group had left Patriam for the original human settlement.

The disease which wiped humans out had been an airborne virus. If started out as a cold and then eroded the brain until nothing was left.

The air had long since cleared. No sign of the virus was found.

The settlers walked for many days looking for a sign of the previous inhabitants. After over a week the small group came to a city.

Whilst looking around the buildings they stumbled on sugary lumps covered in plastic. Mason the leader of the expedition placed the lump in the analyser. The result came back as cough drops. A popular candy to relieve coughs and colds. This particular brand was given away during the disease, to try to relieve symptoms.

Mason asked the computer if they were safe to try. The computer stated that they contained no ingredient that caused harm.

Mason selected his Captain to be the first to try them.

Having experienced no ill effects after 24 hours the rest of the expedition tried them.

Five days after the Captain had tried the cough drops his cold started to get worse. The rest of the group became ill shortly after.

None of the expedition ever returned to Patriam. They all died three weeks after eating the fatally poisoned cough drops. They were added to the billions that had died on Earth, 100 years ago from fatal poisoning.


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