My Top 3 Amazing Writers For October

A breakdown of the posts I have enjoyed this month.

I can’t take all the responsibility for this idea. It came from a YouTube video from Tom Kuegler

Many writers on Medium are not recognised even though their posts are brilliant.

Every month I read amazing articles that have limited claps. They simply have not had the exposure others have received.

Monthly I have decided to showcase the posts I read that have resonated with me. Regardless of claps or writers, I will share these posts and tell you why I enjoyed them.

As a thank you to the wonderful unsung heroes on Medium. Here are the posts that have a special place in my heart, from October.

This post hit a nerve with me. Over a year ago my daughter was born by emergency caesarean. Many of the feelings this author describes so brilliantly, I have felt.

This article details the changes the author found in her writing with medium. It is a nice introduction to her first three months writing on Medium.

This post is part of the reason I started this series. This is a wonderful piece of writing. If your a parent or work with children this is a must read. Beautifully written and extremely thought-provoking.


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Please comment with links to articles you have enjoyed so others can enjoy them.

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