Memoirs of a Play-White – Helene Louiesa Mynhardt

Memoirs of a play-white is a beautifully crafted historical autobiography. Growing up in South Africa during Apartheid, Louiesa deals with her life as a ‘play-white.’ This amazing story details the life of Louiesa from before birth onwards.

The autobiography is written in the third person. There are many times you have to remind yourself that this is actually fact and the author’s life. The story is the right mix of personal life and historical fact. The facts are well placed throughout the book to keep you aware of the changing environment. They, however, are not so excessive that you move away from the story.

Each page starts with pictures from the account. The pictures throughout the book are well placed although, not essential. I would say that comments on the photos would have been nice to place them into the story.

Generally, the story is an easy read which keeps you engaged throughout. This is despite the difficult subject matter. The book progresses at a good pace and I can’t wait to pick up the next instalment. This is a brilliant autobiography, which should be picked up by anyone wanting to learn about the true South Africa.


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