What is Medium?

Recently when looking through my posts I realised how much I mention Medium.  I wrongfully presume that everyone has heard of this amazing platform.  However, in some cases, this might not be true.  So allow me to introduce you to the wonder of Medium.

Medium is an online publishing platform created by Evan Williams, of Twitter fame.  It was launched in 2012, recently it has started to become very popular and subscription rates have risen dramatically.

Initially, this was a place to publish documents larger than the 140 characters of Twitter. Now it has grown into a real community and hosts famous writers such as Hillary Clinton and Mitch Albom.

There are many different ways you can use Medium.

  1. You can publish directly to your profile.  As with Twitter you then gain followers and follow people to enjoy their content.  For each article you publish, people can clap for your posts up to 50 times.
  2. You can publish to publications, which are hosted on Medium.  There are a number of excellent publications that you can ask to be a writer for.  These allow your posts to meet a wider audience.
  3. There are two types of posts.  Unlocked, that anyone can read and locked, that can only be read by members.  Membership for the site is only $5 a month and opens up a vast network of articles.  For me, membership is a must.
  4. If you are a member you can lock your own posts and earn money.  Yes, that is right real cash is paid out monthly for posts you have published.  The amount per post is calculated on the number of claps etc.  No one can work out the exact algorithm that is used.  To date though I have always earned more money than the membership has cost me.
  5. Medium is a reading platform as well as a writers platform.  My writing develops daily from reading such amazing content.  I read as much as I write.  As with all platforms, interaction is essential to growing your following.
  6. Medium has some of the most supportive writers I have ever met.  To date, I have never been trolled instead I have had support and advice whenever I needed it.

As a writer, you have to put your work on Medium to increase your following.  No this is not a sponsored post this is my genuine opinion.

Medium has taken my writing in 6 months from amateur to semi-professional.  I now actually make money doing something I love.  If you are a writer check out the platform and give me a follow so I can find you.

Sam H Arnold on Medium 

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