How to Reduce Stress on Your Writing Schedule 

Sometimes less is more. Over the months I have spent time publishing to both Medium and my website, growing a good following. Although I am pleased with this progress, I have been completely ignoring my novel.  

I was told off by my partner this week, who said I should be concentrating more on what I wanted to do and less on blogging. Although, none of us like being told we are wrong, she has a point.  

To date, I have four book ideas that are sitting gathering dust.

  1. Is a children’s novel which is completed. It requires a final edit, cover design and placing as an eBook onto Kindle. I plan to use this novel to experiment with self-publishing to see if it is something I can achieve.
  2. Is a crime novel which is at its first draft stage. I have good vibes about this book I know it could be amazing. I need the time to start polishing the first draft.
  3. Is half written and although, I know where it is going I have not finished it.
  4. I also have an idea for a non-fiction eBook on teaching, my first profession.

Putting Stress On Ourselves

Over the months I have followed a strict publishing schedule.  Other writers succeed with this, I have found it has put pressure on me.  

It has got to the point where my head is so full of what is being published, my writing is suffering. For this reason, I am going to reduce my minimal publishing to twice a week here.  It is important for all writers to adopt a writing schedule which suits their lifestyle.  Don’t be told how and when to publish.  Only you know the constraints on your life.  Set a schedule that you can achieve.

My personal plan for my website is to publish Wednesday for writing tips and Saturday’s for an example of my work. I have decided to concentrate this website solely on these two things.  

Medium will become the area I write on a variety of subjects. There will be no publishing schedule on Medium, I will write and publish as I can. If you would like access to any of my wider posts them please follow me on Medium.  

I’m looking forward to the freedom this will offer me, being able to try new posts and receive feedback.  

Streamline Social Media

Another huge drain on my time is social media. I spend my time publishing posts to as many different platforms as I can. Most of this I am now going to automate. I will, of course, keep my favourite, Twitter. I will also continue with my Facebook Group.  The joy it brings me every day interacting cannot be replaced. I am also going to work on growing my Instagram following.  

That is it, others will either disappear or be automated. I have tried several times with Pinterest and don’t get it. I’m not at the deleting stage yet, but it’s getting there.  


As writers, we are told to diversify to increase our social following. However, when this takes us away from our first love writing, there is a problem.  

I’m cutting down on the white noise in favour of producing that final novel I can be proud of.  

How do you juggle your writing tasks? 

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

16 thoughts on “How to Reduce Stress on Your Writing Schedule 

  1. I also find that blogging becomes a drain on my writing mostly because, as the posts are shorter, I find it less intellectually taxing than my novel and somewhat more rewarding to see new followers or likes or stats which seem to validate the whole process immediately. I know I should be more focused – I finished the first draft in 6 weeks- however it is true that many short term writing projects or ideas can really, really get in the way.

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  2. Finally! Someone who can relate! I have some book ideas that I haven’t gotten started on because, well, blogging and social media takes most of my time and attention.

    I’ve tried out multiple blogging schedules, countless times, but it’s always hard to stick to them. But like you said, “only you know the constraints on your life…”, so I’m opting for a schedule that gives me the time I need to work on my book ideas. Two or three posts a week isn’t such a bad idea, is it?

    Concerning Twitter, I think I’ll start scheduling my tweets (can you recommend any apps, please?)
    I suppose it’ll be smart to do the same with WordPress.
    The struggle is real 😔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel your pain. I post 2-3 posts a week and have seen a steady increase in followers so that shouldn’t stop you at all.

      I use Crowdfire to schedule my tweets. There is a free version that offers everything I need. Depending on how many accounts you have, will depend on if you need to subscribe. Subscription is very reasonable as well.

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