You Don’t See Me – Poem

You sit there looking at your phone

You ignore me when I come over to you

You don’t see me when I smile and play

You don’t love me as much as you love your phone 


I try to get your attention by climbing

I cry in the hope that you will see me

I throw things to get you to notice me

I know you don’t love me as much as your phone 


We could do some painting together

We could read a new book together

We could play on the floor with my toys

We could do so much if you didn’t love your phone so much 


Who will be there when I fall 

Who will see all those firsts I explore

Who will notice how I learn and grow

Who am I, your child being ignored? 

10 thoughts on “You Don’t See Me – Poem

  1. My problem is that I don’t know what my “in check” is! I suppose I have time to figure it out – I don’t have children yet – but even still, I do think I could pass an addiction to smart phone test which doesn’t make me feel good at all.

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    1. Too right, this came about when I watched a guy ignore his son taking his first swimming strokes because he was on his phone.

      I want my daughter to see me with a book in my hand not a phone.

      Thanks for reading.

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