The Bone Garden – Tess Gerritsen

I have stayed away from Tess Gerritsen books for a very good reason. I have five series I am already reading, I don’t need anymore to collect.

Then along comes a stand-alone and I was sold. Dr Isles does put in a small cameo appearance, but not enough for me to worry about.

The Bone Garden is a masterpiece of storytelling. Not a traditional crime novel, this story weaves intrigue over two separate era’s almost 200 years apart. You follow the story of both Julia and Rose through these era’s.

Both stories are engaging and the characters likeable. As the story twist and turns you slowly see the connection between the two.

This is a real page turner of a book which I couldn’t put down. I love Gerritsen’s storytelling and character building. I am simply addicted to her writing style after just one book.

If you love good storytelling and engaging characters this book is a must. I’m off now to research exactly how many books I need to buy from this author.


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