The Root of Evil – Poem

Money is the root of evil

This piece of paper rules our lives

Do we have enough to live?

Do we have enough to give?


Some have money to burn

Spending cash on frivolities

Money for new gold watches 

Money for pet haircuts and homes


People who work all week

To go to the food bank to feed the kids

Every day get up and kiss the kids

Every day work and grind for what?


The rich they trample and ignore

Laugh and scream so obscene

Look at me, look at what I’ve got

Look at me you low-class lot


Bleeding sweat we carry on

Middle class and all below 

Why do some get and others don’t

Why is wealth not shared throughout


Money is the root of evil

Don’t let the paper rule your life

Stand up and shout to all about 

We will survive we have no doubt

4 thoughts on “The Root of Evil – Poem

  1. Well, money is means to exchange goods and services and to make use of it. Money as such has no energy until somebody makes it evil or nice. Money itself does not cause problems. It’s people who make it bad or make a good use of it. Should we say that the root of evil intention resides in people? Greed is definitely a human feature, so is cheapness and generosity. We choose what to do with money.
    Anyway, the poem makes one think and provokes thoughts, therefore, it is on point.
    I am writing a lot about us, humans, on my lifeschool blog.

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    1. Thanks for the comments and reading. I have found myself moving toward more writing on the human condition.

      I love the quote ‘religion is corrupt because man practices it’

      That sums up your comments excellently.


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