Cold Justice – Lee Weeks

Research for any project is important. However, I didn’t realise how important until I read Cold Justice by Lee Weeks.

The Mistake

Within the first couple of chapters, the detectives visit a cross channel ferry. The chapter heading clearly states this is Folkestone. I know for a fact that there is no ferry crossing from Folkestone and there wasn’t when the book was set, either. How can I be so sure of this, because I live 10 minutes from there? Along the coastline in Dover there is a large ferry terminal, but not in Folkestone. It wasn’t as if the details couldn’t have been checked with five minutes work on the internet. If I was Lee Weeks I would have been having a strong word with my editor for missing this as well.

The Story

The plot of this book is excellent and the story keeps you engaged. However, I could not get over the glaring mistake at the beginning. Seeing this mistake left me wondering, how many other mistakes were made that I didn’t recognise?

The story follows the death of a politician and the subsequent kidnap of his grandson. The story twists and turns and keeps you engaged from the start. Although I had a suspicion of the end nothing became clear until the last chapter.

Overall I enjoyed the book despite the mistake at the beginning. I graded it 4/5 stars because of the quality of the writing. The last star was lost on the lack of research.

This book is the fourth in the series and if you were put off by the first, as I was, this is a much better book. The author appears to have read the reviews and corrected the issues with the first novel. Even something simple like the spelling of Eb and the number of times the name is spoken. I commend the author for this development but urge her to take her research more seriously.


Overall this book is a brilliant read. However, the lack of research has made me question whether I will read more from the author. I urge all authors to take research as seriously as editing. One mistake can leave your readers angry and lead them to question your writing.


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