I Lost One Follower — Here Is What I Learnt

Are negative interactions as important as positive?

Having set the challenge to increase my followers by 1000. I have become obsessed with checking my stats.

Today I noticed that in two hours, I had lost one follower. Just one follower, but to me this one follower became the most important person to my blog.

Before you all worry about the level of my sanity I went from 941 to 940 it was very noticeable.

If only I could ask that 1 follower why they had unfollowed? What post made them unfollow?

I hadn’t published any posts that day so the reason wasn’t obvious. If I had published a post on the skills of President Trump in women’s rights, I would have known why.

This obsession with a lost follower is also only limited to my writing. On social media, my stats go up and down constantly.

I have noticed on Instagram people following me and then unfollowing straight away. I wrote a rant about it and gained 50 followers, oh the irony.

However, with my writing losing a follow meant something to me. I could have learnt so much from a conversation with this one follower.

I should say now that my followers will always be more important to me. I could not thank those that follow and comment on my posts enough. I value every one of you.

Although as writers we all shy away from negative feedback, should we change our mindset? Negative criticism is valuable to our development and will help us grow as writers.

It is also important to appreciate that not everyone will like your writing. Think of the best selling authors at the moment. James Patterson is extremely popular. I don’t like his writing.

When you find your writers voice, not everyone will like it. That’s fine as long as more people like you, than don’t, you are winning.

I will never find that one lost follower, it remains a mystery.

It is possible, that the reasons they unfollowed me, is something I couldn’t change. I wrote a while ago about a publication that rejected my article and what I learnt. It would have been interesting to hear their reasons though.

  • Make all your interactions with followers meaningful.
  • Consider negative criticism as beneficial as positive.
  • Grow and change as a writer, but ensure you stay true to yourself.


Thank you to everyone who follows me and comments. The obsession with one lost follower has taught me one thing. How much I value the people that do follow me, every single one of you.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

22 thoughts on “I Lost One Follower — Here Is What I Learnt

  1. A very honest blog post, on quite a difficult topic. I have only recently found your blog and been back to read it more than once and I will continue to do so.
    I blogged years ago and I swore this time around I was going in to it with different aims. For me right now my main purpose is getting back into the habit of writing everyday. And mainly blogging about books.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

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    1. Thank you I’m glad you are enjoying my writing.

      I started exactly the same way reviewing books. I was drawn to the free books I got in exchange for a review. This blog came off the back of that. My first love is still book reviewing and always will be.

      Do you write on Medium it’s an excellent platform if you are trying to build up a habit. If you do check out Bookworm Sanctuary my publication I would love to add you as a writer to it.

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  2. I have stopped overthinking my follower counts when I simply looked at the reasons why I unfollow people. Sometimes it’s significant- such as not enjoying their posts anymore. Other times is completely arbitrary- I accidentally hit the button and don’t really care to follow again. It’s quite fickle, especially with accounts I’m not too familiar with.

    My point? It may be so random and nothing to do with you or what you do. I do enjoy comments, though, because that is a much more human interaction 🙂

    Take care and I hope you gain many followers!

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  3. I lost several followers a while back after a post that was probably related to the post’s title. I have gained about 30 more since then to finally break 100 followers, not counting any others I lost along the way.

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  4. very interesting article. recently, I’ve been thinking about writing on something related. I still feel like writing about something related because people who have followers could learn a bit of something (not everything) from my thoughts about this issue, and probably increase or improve a bit on their relationship with followers; the reason for one of your followers unfollowing you might be different from this (relating more with followers) because followers could unfollow for many reasons, especially if they want to streamline the type of topics they would like to see on their reader. many followers could unfollow just like people change religions; this might not have anything to do with you, but rather with them. but anything you notice that has to do with you, then you might have to change it.

    one thing I try to do daily is to go through readers and notifications—up to where I stopped the previous day, days, etc.—and see followers whose content resonates with me so I can comment, or at least “like” those particular ones. what I’ve noticed is that followers always have something new or important for me to see or learn, not everytime, but at least sometimes.

    your post resonates with me because I have personally unfollowed some people after following them for a while, but I wouldn’t want to state reasons here, even though they are very convincing reasons which might sound biased or not, although they aren’t biased to me.

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  5. I wouldn’t take “unfollows” personally. Sometimes I unfollow people just because I want to unclog my inbox. Are you blogging to gain more followers or to write and share things that are of interest to you? If you knew why the “unfollow” occurred, would you change your writing style or content because of it?

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  6. I came here from OM blog – and glad I did –
    best wishes to you in your goal of getting the followers you want – but do keep in mind that it is the interaction and not number of followers that matter- just my opinion –
    and the reason i wanted to chime in was because sometimes follows and unfollows are computer generated or have some kind of behind the scene connection – so it might have been a bot that was cleaned up and that took away a follow.

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  7. I just encountered this I was sitting there wondering why did I go from 415 to 401 followers it sucks but I realized I need to stop calling my followers and I need to post more often try not to look at it so much. I am now learning to interact with my followers.


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  8. I think a smaller amount of followers who are engaging with you and your material is preferable to a higher number of lukewarm followers. Obviously great if you can get a lot of followers and they all engage with your work but sometimes less is more (it’s even biblical!).

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