My Top 10 Wins for January

I was tagged on this post on Medium so I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys.

The biggest New Years Resolution I made was to keep better track of my goals. Somehow it helps to accomplish your goals if you remember what they were. This tag was at the right time to sit down and see where I am with my goals. You can see a full list of my goals here

The majority of these are in no order of importance, except number 1, which will be my number 1 for life.

Amazing Number 1

This month my 18-month daughter did the amazing thing of calling me mum to my face. It is a moment that will live with me forever.

Number 2

This month I completed and passed my writing course, with no less than a distinction. Although I have many qualifications related to my day job, this is the first for my side hustle.

Number 3

One of my main goals was to increase my followers by 1000. I took a major chunk out of that this month, by increasing my Instagram followers by 300. I achieved this in a couple of ways, the first was to join author loops.

For those who do not know these are posts you follow and then follow everyone on the post and they follow you. These are better than a follow for a follow type posts, as they are specific to your hobby or occupation.

The second way I achieved, this was by posting every day. This is also another goal of mine. To post to Instagram every day for a year.

Number 4

This month I was commissioned for my first sponsored post. Actually being paid for a post was liberating and very exciting. As much as I want to continue with these, I have decided to only write them if they relate to the theme of my website. A post about flowers would look a little strange on a writers blog.

Number 5

This week I joined another publication on Medium called Not Alone. This is edited by one of my favourite writers on Medium. Thank you to the editor, not only for the invite but the kind words you said to me about my writing. You are definitely one of my hi-lights this month.

Number 6

This month saw the relaunch of my publication. I have always wanted to have a publication dedicated to teaching, children, family and parenting. My publication is still in its infancy, but I am proud of it. We are also always looking for writers if you are interested.

Number 7

My productivity in publishing, both on my blog and my website, has increased. Instead of sticking to a schedule, I post when and how I want. This has given me greater freedom as a writer and I have loved it. Whether my stats reflect this, I’m not that bothered. I am enjoying my writing and that’s the main thing.

Number 8

This month I started the final edit of my children’s novel. This is my first novel and tells the story of Mady and her sidekick Oliver (a dog.) Not only a mystery story but also deals with the issue of refugees.

Number 9

I have started writing my third novel. The second is in the editing stage. This third book has come about due to positive comments I received on a flash fiction piece I wrote. I knew when I wrote it that the story wasn’t finished, now I’m extending it to a full novel.

Number 10

I successfully combined two of my websites together. I am really pleased with the result. This gives me greater time to concentrate on one only.


Whatever your goals for the year, I hope you have had a productive month.  Feel free to share some of your goals below and we can help support each other.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

7 thoughts on “My Top 10 Wins for January

    1. You set up a profile on Medium and then write articles. If you pay £4.99 a month you can then lock posts which means that members only read them. When someone reads your post they clap for it up to 50 times. The claps are then converted into money which is paid to you every month.

      Depending on how much you write depends on how much you get back. I always cover my £4.99 and much more. Some writers on there are making £1000 a month plus.

      I have a Facebook group called Bloggers & Medium Support which is a community where we ask questions and support each other if you are interested.

      If you need anymore advice then feel free to email me through this site and I will help you out wherever I can.

      Good luck with it.


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