A Broken Friendship – Short Story

I sit here, desolate in my house. The walls are closing in. A sob escapes me, they come frequently when I think about the accident.

He had been my friend for years. Always beside me through thick and thin. Whenever I needed him he was there. When my family broke away from me, he picked me up.

Through the lonely first weeks, he had constantly been beside me. Now I have let him down like no one else.

The day of the accident had been sunny and bright. The wind blew through the grass. The sweet smell of summer, flowed where ever you went.

The death was quick. I asked everyone around and they all said the same, he never suffered. Believe me, there were lots of men around. That is one thing I guess. At least he didn’t suffer.

If only I had been there to catch him when he fell. I know I could have caught Humpty in me if I had been there. Now I am an egg cup with no friend.

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