The Stone Circle – Elly Griffiths

Eleven books in and I still love the Ruth Galloway series as much as I did. This is a rare thing for any author who writes a series.

The familiar characters are back for this novel and I have found myself falling a little more in love with them. The mixture of old fashion detective novel mixed with the progression of the characters life is brilliant.

Unlike other books I feel this one deals with events from other books far more. I enjoyed the nostalgic trip back. These flashbacks are not to a degree that a new reader couldn’t start reading the series from this point. Although, why you would want to when there are 10 excellent books preceding this one.

I try to find a negative with Elly Griffiths books, but I struggle. The only negative for me, is that I am now facing another wait for the next novel. With this novel Elly Griffiths has clearly established her place as my favourite author.


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