The Invisible Harm to Many on Leaving Neverland

Whatever your opinion on the Michael Jackson documentary, the one fact is that it does not encourage victims of sexual assault to come forward.

I am not going to state my opinion on the subject. All I will say is that there are two sides to every story. However, just because one side is not able to give their version does not mean that the vocal side is lying.

As a documentary, Leaving Neverland is compulsive viewing. It has, however, done nothing to encourage other victims of abuse to come forward.

Firstly if the two men are telling the truth the public backlash they have received would put most people off coming forward. Many do not believe them. Many have looked into their past and found alternative motives for their disclosures.

A victim who has been sexually assaulted will find admitting the truth now harder. They will consider if they will be believed. It friends and family will turn against them. They will consider whether things they have done in the past will steal their credibility as a victim.

I worry about the people who are so adamant Michael Jackson didn’t sexually assault boys because he is famous.

In contrast to this, if we consider that both Wade Robson and James Safechuck are lying, this will also have a detriment to victims.

Now victims are faced with the scenario that these boys lied, everyone will think they are lying.

I worry about the people who are so adamant Michael Jackson did sexually assault boys because he is famous.

Coming forward as a victim of sexual assault is difficult enough without these public documentaries being made.

Simply put, these cases should have been kept out of the public eye. They should have been investigated away from the media. No sexual assault should be used for viewing figures.

I am aware that both these victims have sworn in court that nothing happened. Many victims of grooming behave like this. They are still in love with the perpetrator and want to defend him.

Regardless of this factor if the men wish to make a fresh claim, after time to reflect, this should still have been held away from the cameras.

Documentaries like these, do nothing to support victims. They are actually of detriment. When cases are concluded and prosecutions complete, then it is appropriate for the media to inform the public, not before.

This media attention could stop victims coming forward. In my opinion, it should have never been aired until the facts were established.

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