How to Increase Your Social Media Following

Simple methods to increase your following on any platform.

It is not with a hint of irony I write this post. For many months I have been talking about the negative influence of social media. I decided a positive post was in order.

Although I remain certain that we all spend too much time on social media. There are many positives to marketing your work that cannot be overlooked.

In order to market your work successfully, you have to have many followers. In order to increase your reader count, you need to reach more people.

By increasing your social media following, you increase your audience.

Methods That Didn’t Work For Me

One of the common ways to increase followers is to buy them. You read that correctly, run a search on google and be amazed at how many companies offer to sell you, followers. The going rate seems to be approximately £10 for 500 followers.

Another popular method is to pay companies to promote your profile for 12 hours. These are normally on a follow back basis. If you adopt this follow back method, you devalue the quality of your engagement. Many of these followers will never interact or read your posts. They follow you to increase numbers nothing more. You will also discover that a large percentage of these will unfollow as soon as you follow them.

Methods That Work


Build an interactive profile that tells followers who you are. Use hashtags for relevant topics you write on. Hashtags work well on Instagram and Twitter, they are not needed for Facebook.

Ensure you include a link to your website in your profile.

Using a consistent name and profile picture, helps people find you across platforms. Using a picture of yourself will gain you more followers than a GIF or logo.

Communicate with others who have similar interests.

Search for hashtags on topic’s you write about. Comment, interact and follow through these hashtags. You need to interact, to build a following. Ensure you comment with thoughtful posts that show you have read the original post. Share the work of others and they will share your posts.

Post Regularly

Ensure you show your followers something personal about you. Interact daily on all profiles. On Twitter 3–10 posts a day is best, the same with Instagram. On platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn limit this to 1–2 posts.

For times that you can’t post, use a scheduling app. I use Hootsuite and plan all my posts for a week at the weekend.


Always use hashtags in your posts on Twitter and Instagram. Not too many, I work on a system of two hashtags per post. It is best to alternate these hashtags so more people see your posts.

LinkedIn you can use hashtags or post to appropriate group.

With Facebook, it is not necessary to use hashtags and can even be frowned upon. Groups within Facebook are a brilliant way to enhance your following and reads.


Use images with all your posts. With Instagram, this is a must, but it should also be with other platforms. Posts that include an image, even if it’s a GIF, get 34% more engagement.

National Days

Search for popular celebrations and then write a post on them. At the time of writing this, it is World Refugee Day. This hashtag is trending very high so I wrote a couple of posts on the subject. It could be World Pie Day the result is the same. Make the posts witty with a different twist on the day and see your followers soar.

Comment on Famous Peoples Posts

Comment on famous peoples posts, make your replies witty and entertaining. People who follow them will see your reply and a small percentage will follow you. The famous person might follow you back and retweet your posts to millions of followers.

I am lucky enough to have Barack Obama following me on Twitter. To date he hasn’t retweeted a post, but could you imagine the exposure this would get me.

Follow Loops

Follow loops are very different from a follow back system. Follow loops are very popular on Instagram, but can also be found on Twitter. These are loops for like-minded people. For example, a writers loop will allow all writers to add their name below the post. Everyone then follows everyone on that list. This way you are following like-minded people. You can build a real community this way and not fill your timeline with irrelevant posts.

I was part of one of these loops on Instagram, New Year. My followers doubled in two days.

The results will not be instant and nowhere near as quick as buying followers. Yet, over time you will see your followers gradually increase.

Over the last year, I have doubled my social media following on all platforms. I have also set myself the goal of increasing my followers by 1000 across all platforms, this year. Two months in and I should have reached this target by May.

Are there other methods that you have tried that worked?

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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