Sharing – Flash Fiction

It was an easy decision when Marion asked me for my kidney. At the time when I went through the initial tests, I was shocked I could even be considered a match. Then against all odds, I was the only person who could save Marion’s life.

We had grown up together, sisters from a different mother we used to say. We had met when we were only five on our first day at school. We were as different as chalk and cheese. Marion came from a rich family, everything she wanted her parents provided for her. The latest bikes, the latest toys and even one of the first computers.

In contrast, we had nothing. I went to school in second-hand clothes that had been worn by at least three of my family before me. For birthdays and Christmas, our presents consisted of a new T-shirt and a piece of fruit. We lived in the poorest part of town, Marion in the richest. Yet still, we had a friendship based on mutual interests.

Marion never made me feel inferior she shared her many gifts with me. We played together even though Marion provided all the toys. My favourite of all her toys was a Barbie doll with long blond hair and an outfit of pink leather. I had always wanted a doll. The more I asked for it the more my mother refused to even entertain the thought of buying me one.

On my tenth birthday, Marion bought me a brand new Barbie doll. It was the first new present I had ever received. I kept it beside me for the next five years. A token of our friendship and a reminder of what I wanted to achieve for my own children. I swore on that day, when I received the doll, to never let my children suffer as I was.

Marion didn’t stop at the Barbie doll, she shared her clothes with me as we grew up. Her makeup with me when we started dating and even her trust fund when we started drinking. Then when I thought Marion had offered me everything, she shared her brother with me as he became my husband.

As I say it was an easy decision to make when Marion asked me for my kidney. I was finally able to repay Marion for everything she had shared with me over our years of friendship. At last, I was the person who had something we both needed.

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