Tommy Does It Again and Again.

Part Two of Tommy’s Life – Part One 

Tommy stared at the screen. Five percent battery left, how was that possible? He needed to log onto Facebook and find the next set of instructions for the mission. The tube rattled along the tracks making the familiar noises. Tommy turned his body away from the rather overweight man sat beside him. He needed privacy to log in. As much privacy as you could get on a busy tube carriage.

If only Tommy could remember the code that extended your battery. He remembered seeing if you pressed a combination you could access the reserve battery. It was no good, Tommy couldn’t remember the sequence.

Tommy pressed the familiar F logo on his phone and everything went black. He looked in despair at the phone. Punching the home button with his thumb, nothing happened. Tommy swore, earning himself a tut from the elderly woman sitting opposite him. How Tommy would have loved to follow the old bat home and make her pay. She would have to wait he had another mission to fulfil today. That was if he could ever access the details of it on his phone.

Why had he left home without his charger? He was so sure he had enough battery. He had thrown the phone on the wireless charger last night. Only to discover when he was on the tube that it hadn’t charged.

Tommy needed a phone charger and he needed one fast. As he stepped out of the train in search, he spotted exactly what he needed. A guy walked in front of him. He had a leather jacket, black jeans and trainers. What attracted Tommy was the phone in his hand which was connected via a lead to his backpack. He had to have a mobile charger in that backpack. What more, they had the same phone.

Tommy walked up beside him casually. He looked around and when he saw that no one was paying attention he lunged into the man as if he had tripped. As he hit the guy he stuck the knife into the guy’s ribs as hard as he could. It amazed Tommy the pressure you had to exert to make it through a person’s ribs into major organs. The guy stumbled and went down. In one fluid motion, Tommy sheafed his knife behind his back and caught the guy with the other hand.

Lowering him to the ground, Tommy called out.

“Hey, anyone, get help.”

Tommy then set about offering first aid to the guy on the phone. Others watched as he checked the guy over. Making a big effort of checking his body with his left hand, he potted the charger with his right. The crowd grew and others joined Tommy on the floor offering help. Tommy knew it was pointless, the guy was dead before he hit the ground. Still, the added helpers gave Tommy time to slip away unnoticed.

It wasn’t a good policy to be the first aider for too many attacks in one month. He had hit his limit with the nightclub stabbing a week ago.


As Tommy emerged into the daylight he took the charger out of his pocket and plugged his phone in. He breathed a sigh of relief when the familiar battery sign appeared on his screen. Five minutes of watching the charging sign and the phone came to life. Two minutes later Tommy was scrolling through Facebook.

Two days ago Tommy had been scrolling through the dark web. He stumbled upon a chat room dedicated to serial killers. After a couple of hours of chatting to fellow murderers, they told him about a new game that was open to all. A genius had worked out a way to hide kill requests in adverts posted on Facebook. With the code, you could unlock the advert and interpret the kill instruction.

The genius was paid by members of the public to order a kill order on someone, normally it appeared to be husbands. The guy then conveyed the order to killers via Facebook.

The opportunity to increase his kill total was irresistible. Already a serial killer, he wanted to reach double figures by the end of the year.

Tommy accessed the advert and used the code to access the information, on his next target. Tommy double checked the facts, before popping his phone in his pocket to keep charging.


Tommy waited for several hours outside the First National Bank. He spent time surfing the dark web whilst he waited. The phone charger had almost charged his phone to full capacity. When it stopped charging he took the unit out of his pocket, wiped it clean and threw it in a nearby bin. You could never be too careful.

The man emerged from the bank, half an hour after it shut its doors. Walking across the street Tommy fell into step behind the stranger. When the time was right he unsheathed his knife and thrust it through the guys back. Once again in one fluid motion, he hid the knife and helped the stranger to the ground.

He used his familiar call for help as he pretended to start first aid. Three minutes later others had joined him to help save the man’s life. A man who had passed to the next life three minutes ago.

Before five minutes had passed Tommy had slipped away and joined the queue back to the tube. Whilst he waited in the queue Tommy logged on to upload the picture of the kill and claim his prize. He walked down towards the waiting train with a swagger in his step. Today had been a brilliant day, he had increased his kills from 3 to 5.

As he smiled to himself on a job well done. He noticed the small group, standing with the policeman in the area where his first kill had laid. That is when Tommy heard a sentence that turned his blood to ice.

“There officer, over there, that’s the guy who helped the dead guy.”

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