A Beginners Guide to Medium & Writing

I appreciate I talk in my writing a lot about Medium.  What is Medium and how can you use it in your writing.

Medium is a platform where you can feature your writing for others to read.  It is also a social platform where you can meet like-minded people.  I started writing on Medium in March 2018 and since then my writing career has taken off.

The thing that annoys me is I can’t remember how I found about Medium.  I started as a reader devouring all the content I could.  I then became brave and started publishing on there.

So Here Is A Basic Guide To Medium For All Aspiring Writers.

How to start

When you join you have two options a free membership or a $5 subscription.  The choice is yours, but I would definitely suggest the paid option.  If you decide to stick with free you will find you will only be able to read 3 locked posts a month.

Locked Posts

Locked posts are posts that writers put behind the Medium Partner Program.  Once locked a post can earn you money when people respond to it.   I can’t tell you exactly the algorithm for calculating the percentage paid.  As you spend time on Medium you will see no one can tell you.  It is like Brexit no one knows how it works or whether it truly does.

The money others pay for their subscription is distributed amongst the posts they clap for.  You are paid monthly into a Stripe account.  Stripe is available in most countries, not all.

Some authors earn thousands a month by writing on Medium.

Responding To Authors

  1. There are several ways you can respond to an author.  You can follow them to see their writing.  This is like a Twitter-style follow.
  2. For every post, you can clap for the posts to show appreciation.  Similar to the like button on blogs.  Although, with Medium, you can clap up to 50 times per post.
  3. You can highlight sections that have interested you as you read the post.
  4. You can comment on posts when you have finished or respond to highlighted sections if something specific has grabbed you.
  5. The last way you can communicate with the author is through a personal message that only they can see.  This is not a popular option.

Being a Writer on Medium

As an emerging writer on Medium, you will find many articles on marketing strategies.  The best advice I can give is to start writing.

White space is your friend on Medium, short concise paragraphs work.  You can divide your work up using quotes and section breaks.

You must have a killer headline and you must use a photo to gain views.  All images must be either owned by you or free rights photos such as Pexel and Unsplash.

There is no set topic’s to write on in Medium.  I have found it very liberating to publish a range of subjects and to see what does well and what doesn’t.

The formatting options for Medium are easy to work and there is an excellent help session if you ever get stuck.

Publishing on Medium

There are two methods of publishing on Medium.  To your own profile is your first option.  The second is to apply to write for some publications and publish through these.

Publishing to a publication may take a couple of days for your work to be published. However, it will increase the number of readers who see your work.  Especially when you start on Medium.

I have two publications that I add writers too, regardless of their experience.  Look up Every Child Matters and Bookworm Stories if you are interested.

What Now –

Be brave, take the plunge.  If you have always wanted to write, Medium is the place for you.  Spend time reading other peoples articles if you are not confident to start your writing.  Soon you will get the bug and join the hundreds of successful writers on there.

Next month I am setting up a dedicated mentoring service for all new writers.  Subscribe to my newsletter for information on this and updates on posts.  


Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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