An Abandoned Beauty – Short Story

Rose threw her legs out of the bed for the fifth time in one night. The baby wouldn’t sleep for more than 45 minutes. As soon as Rose drifted off she was woken again by the screams.

Rose had never felt tiredness like it. There were times during the last couple of weeks where she has started hallucinating.

It was only a bum change this time. Rose remembered how her mother had mocked her when she said she was using traditional nappies. She had risen her eyebrows and chuckled.

“Let’s see how long that lasts.”

Rose was stuffed if she was giving up on the towelling nappies now and prove her mother right. Even if it was twice the work, still it was better for the environment. Folding the nappy around her precious bundle she used the safety pin to fasten the sides together. Back in his cot and then sleep, hopefully, it was 2 am.

Five hours later Rose had given up on sleep and was sat in her cold lounge feeding the baby. She pulled her feet up under her to keep the chill getting to them. She could hear the wind blowing through the wood slats. If she listened she could hear the waterfall a distance off.

Tom had been so convincing, persuading her to buy this wreck of a house in the middle of nowhere. It would be fun, an adventure. They could renovate the house and build something special together. She sold her house and put all the money into the sale of the shack. They would do the work themselves so wouldn’t need much money.

It was a perfect dream until Rose announced she was pregnant. Tom had left skid marks along the muddy track he had left so fast. Now here she was a single mother, living in the middle of nowhere.

As she put the twenty nappies into the machine taking the individual safety pins out. Cursing herself again for not collecting them when the nappies came off. Piling them into the box she glanced at the calendar.

Wow, Wednesday already it seemed like Wednesday had only been a couple of days ago. The sleepless nights had meant the days were blending into one. Still, Wednesdays were always a good day, the postman came up with the mail. Being so remote he only made the trip once a week. Her post was saved in the office and then brought up to her.

Rose tried to think if she had spoken to anyone since Justin last visited with the mail. No the last time she had a conversation with an adult had been exactly a week ago. I should change my clothes before he visits. Justin was tall with a mop of dark curly hair and muscles that showed under his T-shirt. In another world, Rose would have been more than interested in him. As things were, even Justin’s good looks couldn’t raise an erotic thought. She dreamed of sleep, not sex.

The smell coming from her child brought her out of her daydream. Collecting the nappies, washcloth and safety pins she went to change him once again. She would leave him in the cot to change him, with any luck he would go back to sleep after and she could wash.

As she finished wrapping the nappy round his tiny pink bum she reached for the safety pin tin. Placing her hand into the tin she felt the sharp end of the pin pierce her skin and go up under her nail.


She had been so tired she had forgotten to fasten all the safety pins. Pulling her hand out she saw the metal under her nail, blood pooled from the end of her finger.

The dark started around the edge of her vision. Then crept towards the middle, until there was nothing but blackness and sleep.

Rose woke up gazing into the dark eyes of Justin.

“Hi,” he said. “I was delivering the mail, heard the baby crying so I looked through the window. I saw you on the floor. Kicked the door in.”


“He is fine I have sorted his nappy and given him his dummy, he is sleeping.”

Justin seemed to remember he was still holding Rose. He blushed and lowered her feet to the floor, keeping hold off her until he was convinced she was stable.

“Aurora why do you stay here? He asked.

Aurora no one ever called her that, only her evil mother. Then she realised all her letters were addressed to her birth name.

“Please,” she said. “ Call me Rose it’s what my Aunts called me.”

“Rose,” he said making her heart flutter. “Why do you stay here?”

“I have nowhere else to go.”

“Then why don’t you let this Prince Charming take you back to reality?” He said.

She nodded as he bent down and kissed her.

Aurora Beauty and Justin Charming were married six months later.

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